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Food and education for those who would otherwise have to go without.
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GYEA in numbers

CNF was founded in 2012 and started to function in 2013. Its sister organization, the Children’s Nutrition Fund of Hungary (GYEA ) has been serving children in need since 1993.

villages benefited last year from GYEA's program of cooperation with the European Union

hungry children were fed through this program on every weekend and holiday

pounds of food were delivered to children in need by our foundations

Committed top donors

Terry Fitzpatrik Lajos Pósa Andrea Mérey Gyuláné Ábrahám Ildikó Szuhánszki Miklós Massányi Zsuzsanna Wágnerné Pogonyi Anna Ábel Attila Rebák István Magyar György Csernák András Cseh Zsuzsanna Czigány Mária Györkéné Horváth Istvánné Dankó Julianna Parág István Máramarosi Katalin Dr Vámos Éva Mária Dr Mártony Marianna Hannák Kornél Nagy Valéria Katalin Tóth


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