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Food and education for those who would otherwise have to go without.
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Mission Statement

The mission of the Children’s Nutrition Fund (CNF) is to provide food and education for children who would otherwise have to go without in Central-Eastern Europe. Firstly in Hungary, and eventually within the entire region.


Photo: Kovalovszky Dániel
Here you can find pictures about the life of the 40,000 Hungarian children whose main source of warm food is the lunch meal they receive at school, so on weekends and holidays they are regularly starving. More than 100,000 Hungarian children do not get the nutrition at home their growing bodies desperately need: they get no meat, no fruit, and no vegetables. They live on pasta, bread and and potatoes.

Here you can find pictures not only about the children who need your help but also pictures of your help delivered to those who need it badly.

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