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Mission Statement

The mission of the Children’s Nutrition Fund (CNF) is to provide food and education for children who would otherwise have to go without in Central-Eastern Europe. Firstly in Hungary, and eventually within the entire region.


In Hungary half a million children live in poverty, over 40,000 starving. Fortunately no child actually dies of hunger in this country as the government provides cheap or free meals in nurseries, pre-school institutions, and schools for 370,000 children in need. However, these meals are only provided on schooldays; on weekends and holidays there are tens of thousands of children who go to sleep hungry.

It is the mission of GYEA (CNF of Hungary) to provide children in need with food when school cafeterias are closed. There are several ongoing programs including the Food Aid Program, which has provided the framework for distributing more than 50 million pounds of food for those in need during the past 7 years. There is also a sponsorship program, called ‘Chin Up!’, which helps the poorest families by providing them monthly allowances. The supported families have to present invoices proving that the money was spent for nothing but food and also write a diary for their sponsors.

In 2009 there was a sudden and rapid deterioration in the living standards of Hungarian families due to the economic downturn. The poverty rate grew fastest among low-income families. While in 2012 the National Committee of UNICEF reported every third Hungarian child to live in deprivation compared to international standards, in 2013 this became true for every other child! Yet, since the beginning of the economic crisis the donations have been steadily decreasing, as donors have themselves had to deal with financial difficulties.

This is why Gábor Király, president of GYEA, having faith in the American Dream and the generosity of the American People, founded CNF in 2012 as an Independent Charity under California jurisdiction.


Our founder and director, Gabor Kiraly was recently interviewed by a Hungarian business and news weekly, Figyelő (Observer). He said: Since the economic crisis, the Foundation has lost one third of its private and corporate supporters.

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