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The mission of the Children’s Nutrition Fund (CNF) is to provide food and education for children who would otherwise have to go without in Central-Eastern Europe. Firstly in Hungary, and eventually within the entire region.


Children’s Nutrition Fund (CNF) is a nonprofit Public Benefit Organisation incorporated in the State of California. It is the sister organization of the Children’s Nutrition Fund of Hungary (GYEA) founded by entrepreneur, poet and philanthropist Gábor Király and lawyer Eszter Fekete in 1993.

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Photo: Kovalovszky Dániel

In 1993 Hungary was in desperate need of this charity. While the vast majority of Hungarian people were happy when the egalitarian communist system fell, there were also those who lost out and could not compete in the conditions of the newborn Capitalism. Several tens of thousands of children were starving every day and were unable to complete secondary education as their families needed their income. . These children essentially became futureless. It was these children the Fund wished to help in regaining their future.

The Fund grew each year in 1998 it raised 20 million HUF (about $ 150,000 that time) enough to buy school-lunch for 1,200 children for an entire year. The Fund also helped students at three schools to go onto secondary education. In 2003, the Fund provided meals for over 600,000 children in need and sponsored physically challenged children in their sporting activities. In 2004 more than 69,000 families in 150 villages benefited from meals distributed on weekends and holidays. By 2008 73,143 families received food from GYEA in 350 Hungarian villages. Over the time the Fund has become one of most well known and respected charities in the country: 89% of Hungarians have heard about it and its approval index is over 94%.

In recent years the Fund has had to face a new challenge: the economic depression. However, while donations and grants are getting short, GYEA is ever determined to continue fighting hunger and poverty with new programs and new ideas. One of them is to expand our activities overseas, and seek assistance from people who understand and support our goals.

The Children’s Nutrition Fund (CNF) is a nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation incorporated in the State of California, it was founded by Gábor Király in 2012.

CNF was quickly granted 501(c)(3) non-profit status by the IRS in 2013. Normally, this status takes six months to procure, but CNF was able to get its authorization last summer in a record six weeks. The IRS made an exception for our request after considering the difficult situation facing Romani children in Hungary.


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