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The mission of the Children’s Nutrition Fund (CNF) is to provide food and education for children who would otherwise have to go without in Central-Eastern Europe. Firstly in Hungary, and eventually within the entire region.

Hungry on Holidays

Three years old Levente Kovacs has a middle name. It is Kartal after the name of his village. The children of Kartal receive 30 portions of free food each weekend and holiday. Yet even 90 portions would not go to waste; there is growing unemployment in the village. The Kovacs family is slipping out of the middle class: Levente’s father, a carpentier lost his job in 2011. Before the crisis he used to make decent money. Levente Kartal is one of 40 000 children in Hungary and hundreds of thousands in the Eastern-Central-European region who desperately need help from CNF’s „No Hunger on Holidays” program.

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Photo: Kovalovszky Dániel

The objective of the Children’s Nutrition Fund’s program, „No Hunger on Holidyas”, is to provide food on weekends and holidays for those children in Eastern-Central-Europe, whose only source of warm food is the lunch meal they receive at school. This means that on weekends and holidays – 160-165 days each year – several tens of thousands of children go hungry. Within the region hundreds of thousands of children effectively starve; they receive no meat, no fruit, and no vegetables at home.

One of the recipients of the donations could be three years old Levente Kovacs, whose middle name is identical to the name of his small village: Kartal. The economic crisis has prompted many families to slip out of the middle class in this village. Levente Kartal’s father, a carpentier lost his job in 2011. Before that year he had a decent income. Levente Kartal’s family would need money desperately as there are five children in the family. The little boy now shares the donated canned food with his siblings, as he is the only child in the family who receives free food. Sharing only feels slightly harder when – once a month – there is chocolate or cookies in the pack given by the Children’s Nutrition Fund of Hungary. Currently only 30 children receive donated food in this village, although more then 90 would need it.


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